Support your community and the people in it.

Support your community and the people in it.

Supporting local businesses is critical to keep small business & real peoples' dreams alive. Shopping at a small business means you are investing in our community & that is what we want. No matter what the small business is - a local bakery, a boutique, hair salon or gift shop. 

Do your research on please in your areas. Tell your friends about new places opening up in your area or about the new shop you just heard about. Look for places that offer online shopping too.

Here are a few tips as we go into the holidays to support small business: 

  • Follow a business social media page - like & share content. 
  • Take it a step further…
    • 1) Go to my Business Facebook Pages by clicking the link here: 
    • 2) Click on the three dots on the right side of the screen & hit “invite friends”
    • 3) Select "invite all" & you have done it!
  • Talk about the small business owners in your life - do you know a local artist, a boutique owner curating the best products, a craftsman that makes furniture or a baker creating delicious desserts? 
    • When you friends and family are asking for gift ideas mention these places 
  • Say HI! 
    • If you have purchased from a small business and do not know the owner personally. Say Hi when you see them out. This will mean so much to meet people that purchase from them! I know I love it! 



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