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Welcome to Seasons Boutique – where fashion meets friendship and style is celebrated in every season of life! We are so grateful that you found us in our little corner of the internet. 

Our story began as two roomies who became fast friends at Clemson University and share a deep passion for style. We dreamed of opening our own boutique for years. We did not know what our business would look like, but we knew that we loved fashion and wanted to be in this industry. In the Spring of 2022, we decided to start our online boutique. By June of 2022, we received our first inventory and we shipped our first orders in July of 2022! 

Over one year later, we have some changes in store for the boutique. Grace entered a new season and has decided to focus on her role of being a mom - taking a step away from the boutique. Rachel is excited to continue building Seasons into a brand that will be your go-to – one filled with quality pieces, endless style possibilities, and the kind of fun that only great outfits & a wonderful community can bring. 

Now, It's 2024 and the "seasons" are even sweeter! Rachel is getting married. There may be an all white collection coming soon. 

It's our firm belief that what you wear has the incredible power to boost your confidence, envelop you in comfort, and unveil your unique beauty. We know the real beauty is within, and we want to help you shine from the outside too. 

With each addition to our shop, we strive to curate pieces that exude quality, style, and, most importantly, fun. Our mission is simple: to help every woman feel exceptional, no matter the season of life she finds herself in.

Thank you for being a part of the Seasons Boutique story. Here's to celebrating you and your unique style, every season, every day.

With love and style




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